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With 2011 in the rear view mirror, it’s easy to get carried away looking forward to the coming year. That’s why this winter, we’re focusing on the fundamentals. We’re looking back to fan-favorite dishes from the early days of Pasta & Co to keep us grounded in what we love about food and entertaining. After all, winter is such a great time to be inside with family and friends for a hearty feast!

Of course, the New Year also means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect evening to let us do the work so you and your loved one need only sit back and enjoy a delicious meal.

Let Pasta & Co help make this winter the best one so far. Our meals are made to be wholesome and delicious, by people who care about what food means as much as how it tastes.

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Northern Italian Shrimp & Rice

Don’t let Seattle’s grey skies dictate the colors in your life - or your plate! This dish is an explosion of color, keeping you sated and smiling all winter. White rice, pink shrimp, golden raisins, red and green peppers, pale green artichokes and dill weed.


Braised Kale with Olive Tapenade

Lacinato Kale braised and simmered with browned onions and garlic, then seasoned with our own Green Olive Tapenade. Simple, nutritious and tasty!


Orange-Glazed Carrots

A twist on the Orange Carrots that mom used to make. Orange juice, honey, soy sauce and ginger make a glaze that keeps your whole family coming back for more.


Herb-Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes

The ultimate in food versatility, these roasted potatoes spiced with Maximus/ Minimus Seasoning Blend can be eaten as a side dish or as an ingredient in your favorite potato recipe.


Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

That delectable flavor of roasted red peppers, stuffed with savory ground turkey, cheesy rice, onions, and garlic. Just one is great as a snack or a side, two or so makes an excellent, light dinner.



Nielson-Massey Madascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

Sure you’ve cooked with whole vanilla beans or plain vanilla extract, but have you ever worked with vanilla bean paste? Pure vanilla dotted with natural vanilla bean seeds give you a unique texture that adds an exciting new dimension of flavor to your favorite stand-by recipes.


B.T. McElrath Chocolates

A company with the humble beginnings of a passionate husband and wife chef team, these chocolates are 100% natural and decadently irresistible. We’re featuring two of their chocolate bars this season. The Prairie Dog is 40% milk chocolate with toasted almonds, butter toffee bits and sea salt. You’ll also find the simple Salty Dog, 70% dark chocolate with butter toffee pieces and sea salt.


Urban Oven Cookies

We can’t wait for you to try hand-crafted cookies from Urban Oven. Dedicated to the highest quality and the purest ingredients, their philosophy translates into amazing cookies! We have their luscious Lemon Pistachio Cookies and their classic Cocoa Cookies to satisfy your cookie fix needs.


Porta Mangiare Meatball Mixes

Straight from the original recipes of the founders’ Italian grandmother, Porta Mangiare Traditional Meatball Mix adds their own artisan breadcrumbs and special mix of seasonings intended for a variety of types of meat. For those who can’t eat wheat products, they also have a Gluten Free Meatball Mix that substitutes potato for the breadcrumbs without losing any of the boldness of the traditional style.


Jams from Oregon Growers

Sourced directly from the fruit farmers of Oregon, this local company makes excellent, pure examples of how jams should be! Pasta & Co has their Strawberry Fig Jam and Quince Jam to bring some summer sweetness into your life during these cold, grey months in the Northwest.



This Valentine’s Day, avoid the difficult parking and the restaurant crowds, and have a memorable night at home thanks to Pasta & Co! We have a full, sumptuous meal ready for you to pick up on the big day. A Pasta & Co twist on the classic SURF AND TURF, you’ll dine on Petite Filet with Red Wine Reduction, Scallop and Prawn Brochettes with a Tangy Remoulade Sauce, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Snap Peas. And it’s not Valentine’s Day without some chocolate, so we’ve included our decadent Chocolate Velvet Cake. We’ll even set aside a bottle of bubbles or other wine to go along with your lovely feast. Just let us know. Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of pick-up.

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