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It feels like 2011 just got started, and here we are already well into March. Baseball season is underway (Go Mariners!), weeds are demanding attention in the yard and … more rain! Spring also delivers busy schedules as we get outside to take full advantage of warmer temps.

With so much to do, now is the time to let Pasta & Co do the cooking. Never pretentious, always satisfying, created with bold flavors and pure, clean ingredients, our Spring fare is fresh and ready to serve.

And don’t forget to check out our pantry, where we’re highlighting the ultimate Spring accompaniment - delicious olive oils and vinegars from producers who know a thing or two about quality. At Pasta & Co, we always encourage you to try before you buy, so stop at one of our tasting stations and find the olive oil that is just right for you.

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From delicious vegetarian dishes to the quintessential Spring lamb, Pasta & Co is ready to set your table!


Rapini with Sundried Tomatoes
With garlic, red pepper flakes and extra-virgin olive oil.

West Coast Slaw

Crisp cabbage, kale and chard tossed in a creamy, sweet/tart dressing.

Cauliflower and Cabbage Gratin

House favorite! A creamy dish of blanched cauliflower and cabbage mixed with a gruyere cheese sauce and baked.

Turkey Joes

Ground turkey with onion, peppers, tomatoes, corn and cilantro.

Farro Salad with Lentils

In a rice vinegar and ginger dressing, with balsamic glazed red onion, carrot, green onion and cilantro.


Lamb Stew with Rosemary

Slow-braised lamb with tomato, garlic and freshly torn rosemary.



Our culinary council tasted these oils - again and again, as necessary! - to make sure they were the best of the best. Each brings a little something different to the palate.


Quinta de São Vicente olive oil

In 1738, the Passanha family was granted land in the heart of the Alentejo for services rendered to the Portuguese crown. The Quinta de São Vicente estate was created as a result. Produced from a blend of Arbequina and Cobrançosa olives, this olive oil presents a distinctive flavor of ripe fruit, with the mildness typical of Arbequina.


Las Doscientas Picual EVOO

Chile has joined the ranks of olive-growing countries that produce excellent extra-virgin olive oil, a new endeavor with great potential in the country. On the nose, this olive oil has a fresh, intense aroma with pronounced notes of fresh herbs, fresh-cut grass, a bit of red bell pepper and a touch of fresh artichoke. The palate is moderately fruity, with aromas of fig sap and pronounced green flavors.


Olivar de la Luna Olive Oil

The name “Olivar de la Luna” refers to the dry-farmed, 200-year-old mountain olive trees in Córdoba, Spain, from which the olives are harvested. The main variety used is Nevadillo Blanco, an olive native to the region, with hints of Lechín, Picudo and Manzanilla. Nevadillo Blanco has a pleasing fruity affect, with the final spicy tang preferred by Spaniards. The fresh oil is protected from sunlight by a dark blue glass bottle - reminiscent of a traditional pharmaceutical flask.

B.R. Champagne Vinegar
This award-winning vinegar is made with high-quality sparkling wine that is first aged in oak barrels using the 500-year old traditional Orleans method, and then bottled to retain the delicate crispness and slightly rosy color of champagne made from Pinot Noir grapes. The Champagne Vinegar has an inviting bouquet. Woodsy notes underscore the beautifully balanced acidity.



Straight out of Central Point, Oregon, Lillie Belle Farms chocolates are all completely handmade with a commitment to sustainable and organic ingredients.


Lillie Belle Truffle Eggs

White chocolate flavored with blood orange cream and dark chocolate flavored with Madagascar vanilla bean.

Lillie Bunnies

Hand molded solid chocolate bunnies in organic dark chocolate.

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