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Company’s coming! Must mean the holidays are here again. It’s the season for festive meals and family celebrations. It’s when we get carried away with gift giving and hang out with long lost and nearby friends and relatives, enjoying special dishes around dining tables large and small. I wouldn’t miss a minute of it! Because getting together with friends and family counts most during the holidays, we’ve got a full range of dishes ready to make entertaining easy and convenient so you’ll have even more time to spend with your guests. From appetizers to main courses, side dishes and desserts, Pasta & Co has all the ingredients for delicious holiday meals for any occasion. We’re also excited to present our newest Beecher’s Frozen Side Dishes, the perfect match for your holiday turkey or roast. Check out our terrific selection of pantry items, edible gifts and pre-wrapped gift boxes, along with our ready-to-heat and serve complete holiday meals. Everything we offer at Pasta & Co is pure, all-natural, full-flavored food, handcrafted in traditional ways using only the best ingredients--during the holiday season and year-round. Stop by! We’re ready to celebrate with you.

May you enjoy a delicious and merry holiday season,



Ready to Take Home and Heat for a November or December Feast

Convenient, easy and delicious. What could be better for the holidays? From appetizers to dessert, we have a complete dinner ready to take home, heat and eat. Each meal serves 6 to 8 persons generously. Order now to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal anytime in November or December.


From November 2-23, order Pasta & Co’s complete Thanksgiving Dinner. Orders for Thanksgiving Day must be placed by November 23 and picked up by closing time November 25.


Pair our traditional Thanksgiving menu with your own roast turkey or feast on our own house-roasted turkey breast. The dinner includes: House-Roasted Turkey Breast, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Pasta & Co Stuffing, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato and Carrot Purée, Pan Seared Broccoli OR Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Breadcrumbs, Potato Rolls and Pumpkin Cheesecake. The cost with side dishes only: $99; including Turkey, $149. Our elegant Holiday Dinner will be available throughout December for all your entertaining occasions. Order for Christmas anytime between November 27 and December 22; pick up by closing time December 24. For New Year’s Eve, place your order between November 27 and December 29; pick up by closing time December 31.


The menu for our Holiday Dinner includes: Butternut Squash with Indian Spices Soup, Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Horseradish Cream Sauce, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes OR Pan-Seared Broccoli, Potato Rolls and Peppermint Cheesecake. The cost with Beef Tenderloin: $189; with Turkey $139; with side dishes only $89.


Keep it simple and delicious. That’s our mantra for holiday meals. It’s a guaranteed way to keep celebrating with family and friends a pleasure. To make it easy, we’re serving deli dishes ranging from classic traditionals to tried and true favorites. Match them with a main dish, or combine an assortment to make a complete meal.


Start an elegant meal with soup, or make it your main course. Our BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP WITH INDIAN SPICES, made with puréed butternut squash and yams seasoned with onions, cumin, coriander, nutmeg and a pinch of cayenne, makes for a rich, smooth soup with all the flavors of the season. Or choose BARLEY MUSHROOM SOUP, an earthy combination of mushrooms, carrots and parsley that pairs deliciously with turkey, or can be served as a totally vegetarian dish.


We have plenty of main dish ideas this season, starting with November’s star--tender, moist HOUSE-ROASTED TURKEY BREAST, which suits festive, pull-out-all-the-stops holiday dinners. Add our herb-seasoned, buttery bread cube STUFFING and tart-sweet whole berry CRANBERRY SAUCE enhanced with a splash of rum, and you’ll have the basics covered. There’s also CHICKEN POT PIE WITH HERBED CROUTON TOPPING, brimming with chunks of white chicken breast meat and assorted vegetables in a savory sauce. FRENCH CHICKEN FRICASSE was such a hit this fall, we’ve kept it in the deli line-up. A dish rich with flavor, it combines tender, boneless chicken breasts simmered with browned mushrooms and onions in chicken stock, and finished with a touch of cream and fresh thyme.


If something different is what you’re craving, try LAMB STEW WITH HERBS de PROVENCE. Herb-crusted, boneless leg of lamb is seasoned with garlic, onion and paprika, then simmered with carrots in a rich, tomato-based, herb accented sauce. Serve atop rice or buttered noodles and add a salad for a complete meal. There’s also PORK TENDERLOIN WITH APRICOT/DIJON GLAZE, that’s laid atop a bed of onions then roasted with a tangy-sweet glaze.


No one does side dishes better than Pasta & Co, or so our fans tell us. On the potato front, we’ve got the full range for the holidays, from GARLIC MASHED POTATOES to ROASTED FINGERLING POTATOES WITH GARLIC AND ROSEMARY, plus our interpretation of the ‘must have’ dish on every Turkey Day menu: SWEET POTATO AND CARROT PURÉE. Oh, yes, did we mention SMASKED YUKONS WITH SMOKEY BLUE? With everything their name suggests, including prize-winning Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue Cheese, they’re always a huge hit. ROASTED YAMS WITH LIME AND HONEY round out our potato selection, featuring baked sunset-hued sweet potato chunks finished with a light touch of lime.


To pair with your roast tenderloin, lamp chops or pork roast, we’re also serving AUTUMN ROASTED VEGETABLES WITH CELERY ROOT or FENNEL. Whether you prefer celery root or fennel, both versions combine butternut squash, onion and red peppers tossed with herbs and olive oil, which are then roasted until the edges caramelize. For Brussels sprouts lovers (we know you’re out there!), we have BRUSSLS SPROUTS WITH GARLIC BREAD CRUMBS, a delicious pairing of sweet baby sprouts and caramelized onions, which are served under a crunchy topping of toasted breadcrumbs. LEMON CAPER CAULIFLOWER will brighten any meal with its sunny cauliflower florets tossed in a marinade of lemon and capers, then garnished with fresh parsley. Or choose CARROTS WITH ORANGE GLAZE, a colorful presentation of cut carrots tossed in a slightly sweet, tangy citrus coating.


Forget the everyday greens and take home one of our distinctive salads to enhance your holiday menu. CELERY ROOT SALAD combines tangy crunch with sweetness by pairing brined celery root with chopped green onions and sliced Granny Smith applies in a creamy honey mustard dressing seasoned with caraway seeds. Or there’s our ever-popular GOLDEN BEET SALAD, which features roasted beets tossed with toasted walnuts, blue cheese and baby spinach leaves in a light rice vinegar-mustard dressing.


We got dessert covered, too. Our lightly sweetened RICE PUDDING is a creamy, homey treat accented with vanilla that everyone will love.



Check out the freezer at Pasta & Co to find four new Beecher’s Handmade Cheese’s Frozen Side Dishes. Creative pairings of grains, pasta, vegetables and cheese, the dishes include THREE GRAIN RISOTTO, featuring toasted barley, orzo and Arborio rice tossed with mushrooms, onions, fennel and spices under a toasty breadcrumb topping; FRESH KALE AND BROWN RICE GRATIN with fresh kale and brown rice folded into a savory combination of sautéed onions and Beecher’s Flagship cheese; SANTA FE STYLE HOMINY WITH CHEESE, a zesty dish of hominy combined with sautéed poblano peppers and onions tossed with a generous helping of Beecher’s Flagship Cheese Sauce, the same acclaimed sauce used in Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese; and SMOKY ROASTED VEGETABLE CAVATAPPI, a delicious medley of roasted vegetables and curly cavatappi pasta in a rich marinara-infused cheese sauce made with Smoked Flagship cheese, which lends its subtle smoky flavor to the dish. The full-flavored side dishes are made with the best ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers or coloring agents.


Call Pasta & Co’s CATERING TO GO to enjoy effortless holiday entertaining. We’ll give you more time to enjoy your party and your guests. Order from a superb selection of savory nibbles, cheeses and desserts. Give us 48 hours advance notice and we’ll prepare top-notch dishes celebrating great taste and flavorful food for any gathering. Call your neighborhood Pasta & Co store for the complete CATERING TO GO menu and ordering details. Our experienced staff will help you plan an individualized menu for your entertaining needs.


Finding distinctive and delicious holiday gifts is the mission of our Culinary Council, and what an inspired selection they came up with this year! There are ideas for seasoned cooks and beginners, plus anyone who enjoys eating and sharing good food with friends and family.


  • Always a hit, our own Pure Flavor cookbook with 125 delicious All-American recipes to delight cooks and their families. Find it wrapped and ready-to-go to inspire delicious year-round dining.
  • Pasta & Co Gift Boxes: Choose our delicious, complete “Dinner in a Box” to treat someone, or “Party in a Box” for the party people in your life.
  • The perfect pairing: six sturdy Bistro Glasses ready to hold your choice of a select Northwest wine.
  • Polished metal serving dishes shaped like a Christmas tree or snowman, plus spreaders topped off by a snowman, are cute and versatile.
  • Make entertaining easy! Our pastry Party Cups await sweet or savory fillings to transform into instant appetizers or desserts.
  • Indulge chocolate fanatics with  Chocolate Dessert Shells; 12 edible cups of dark and white chocolate ready to fill with ice cream, custard, fruit or mousse.
  • Pasta & Co Three Sauce Box: Inspire a memorable feast with our best-selling classic Marinara, Moroccan and Mediterranean sauces.
  • Select from our selection of rich and flavorful Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars and impress all the cooks on your list.
  • For the perfect hostess gift, choose Wooden Salad Servers with Pasta & Co’s Condiment Oil and a bag of brandied pecans.
  • Create Your Own Gift Box using our extra boxes and sizzle to assemble your own special gift assortment. From small shoebox sizes to large printed gift chests, we’ll artfully arrange your gifts and tie the box with festive ribbon.


We’ve made it easy and convenient to give everything required for three terrific pasta dinners or assorted party treats to inspire a festive gathering--all in ready-to-deliver holiday gift boxes. DINNER IN A BOX matches Pasta & Co’s three best-selling pasta sauces (Marinara, Mediterranean and Moroccan) with packages of penne, linguine and radiatore pastas, plus select seasonings, including Borsai salt and our own Condiment Oil and House Herbs. Add a bottle of Chianti and salad, and dinner is served! Retail cost: $69.95.


Holiday revelers on your gift list will love our PARTY IN A BOX. Packed to inspire a party, open the box to find Salsa a La Chara, Casa Sanchez Chips, Beecher’s Original Crackers, Four Pepper Olive Dip, Harvest Nut Mix and Cuban Black Bean Dip. All you’ll need to add is the beverages and a few wedges of cheese--and you know where to buy those. Retail cost: $49.95.


Of course, you can select your own Pasta & Co items to create a personalized gift box. We’ve got plenty of boxes, plenty of sizzle and the know-how to help.


Variety is the spice of life, and what better time than the holidays to add to the pantry with a new food find? Or treat someone with irresistible sweets you’ve discovered. Pasta & Co’s Culinary Council has selected some outstanding pantry and gift items sure to be a hit. From Napa Valley’s Sparrow Lane comes a nutty, balanced EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ready to pair with an alluring, rich BLACKBERRY BALSAMIC VINEGAR. Make life truly sweet with Bissinger’s Confections. Made in the French style in a small candy kitchen in St. Louis, these fine confections are excellent and all natural. Nuts and nibbles are always a hit, so choose Bissinger’s PUMPKIN SEED CRUNCH, a nutrition-rich combo of pumpkin seeds blanketed in dark chocolate. For special gatherings, Bissinger’s handcrafted CHOCOLATE DESSERT SHELLS are ready to fill with luscious mousse or custard. Plus there’s HOLIDAY PRESENTS, assorted foil-wrapped holiday characters, that will be this year’s favorite stocking stuffers. For gluten-free sweet treats, look no further than Caroline’s Desserts. We’re stocking Caroline’s BOO BOO BAR, a crispy cookie bar adorned with white, milk and dark chocolates, and MINT EVEREST, an irresistible sandwich cookie of mint fondant between dark chocolate. For egg nog lovers, Caroline’s EGG NOG crispy cookie is beyond fantastic. Stock up and have the rum ready! We aren’t neglecting cookie lovers either. Avec Baking’s SNICKERDOODLES are the real thing and lightly cinnamon dusted to melt in your mouth.


We make it easy and even tote the shopping bags for you. Choose your Pasta & Co favorites, stash your purchases in our cold storage room and complete your other errands. When you’re ready, call us from your cell phone and we’ll bring your bags right to your car! No parking, no lugging, no hassle. It’s really that simple.


Pure FlavorWhat to serve when impromptu holiday guests drop by? Slice and toast some artisanal bread and bring out this zingy ROASTED RED PEPPER SPREAD. It’s easy-to-make and versatile enough to go from appetizer to vegetable topping to a spread for grilled or broiled meats such as lamb or steak. Whip up a batch in your food processor and you’ll be ready for any occasion. Refrigerated in an airtight container, it keeps up to two weeks. For more great entertaining ideas like this spread, check out Pure Flavor: 125 Fresh All-American Recipes from the Pacific Northwest.




2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 red bell pepper, roasted
2 ounces jarred piquillo peppers* (about 3 peppers)
12 kalamata olives, pitted
3 tablespoons roughly chopped fresh basil
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 ounce (about 1/4 cup) feta cheese


Using a food processor, puree the garlic with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Add the red bell pepper, piquillo peppers, olives, basil, salt and pepper and pulse until the peppers and olives are finely chopped. Add the feta and pulse 4 to 6 times until the feta is incorporated, but still coarse.


* We prefer piquillo peppers, which aren’t nearly as spicy as jalapenos but have a bit more heat than red bell peppers, but any jarred red pepper will do.

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